About Jake Martin

Jake Martin is a UK based singer songwriter

For the last 7 years, Jake Martin has toured almost non stop propelling his music to audiences both at home and abroad with extensive tours in the UK, Australia, America and across mainland Europe. Jake's undeniable stage presence, energy and sing-along anthems have earned him a strong and loyal fanbase and shows with some of the biggest names in his field. Jake has toured and shared stages with names such as Gaz Brookfield, Ferocious Dog, Frank Turner, The Levellers, New Model Army, Will Varley and many more. 

Jake's sound is a distinctively energetic and engaging blend of acoustic punk and melodic indie-folk. He intelligently blends tales of life, love and the road, with dark satire, politics, and his own cheeky brand of off-key humour. Add Jake's witty ability to captivate and animate any crowd, his undeniable stage presence and the love clearly shared between the singer and the audience and you have a show you will be remembering for a while!

Since the release of his debut EP "For fuck's Sake Jake" in 2014 Jake has released 2 full studio albums "We Take Them At Dawn" (2016) and "Broken By Design" (2020) as well as a second EP and a live album. All of the above are released on Aaahh Real records.

Jake performs solo and with his full band "The Broken Bodies" as a fiercely independent artist Jake does not work with booking agents so if you would like to book Jake contact him directly via email at jakemartin1@hotmail.co.uk or via his website www.jakemartinmuzic.com

“What Jake brings is a message of individuality, of rage turned to contemplation, of social comment and a gentle disdain for those still star struck by scene and celebrity. But more than that these messages are grafted on to songs that are so memorable, so accessible and so great that you will be singing them on the way home from the gig long before you revel in playing the CD the next day”
(Dave Franklin-Dancing about Architecture)

“Stories of life on the road and a love affair with touring, Jake Martin paints vivid a picture. If you get the chance to catch him live, don't hesitate!"
(Tom Simpkins- BBC Introducing )

"It’s sometimes tricky to find inventiveness and originality in solo acoustic artists these days, and whether it’s in the attitude driven ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Your Heroes’ or the self deprecating humour in the title track of his EP ‘For F**k’s Sake, Jake’, there’s something refreshing about Martin"
(Ally Gale- Slate the Disco)

Email - jakemartin1@hotmail.co.uk

Website - www.Jakemartinmuzic.com

facebook - https://www.facebook.com/jakemartinmuzic

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/jakemartinmuzic

Twitter - https://twitter.com/jakemartinmuzic